Where to Find Sedona Vortexes

Look for these five Sedona vortex spots as you enter Sedona from the south off of Interstate 17, through the Village of Oak Creek on Highway 179.

You can start this self-guided tour at any of the points below and simply go back to the top of the list and work your way down. 

  1. Courthouse Butte / Bell Rock
  2. Cathedral Rock
  3. Chapel of the Holy Cross
  4. Airport Mesa
  5. Boynton Canyon

You can start this self-guided tour at any of the points below and simply go back to the top of the list and work your way down. 

Most of these vortexes (or vortices) include easy to advanced hiking to reach them. Often you can park in a nearby parking lot or on the side of the road (be careful parking roadside...traffic in Sedona can be very busy.) Important: Don't forget to start at the Coconino National Forest South Gateway Visitors Center at 8375 State Route 179, or the visitors center in Uptown Sedona, to purchase your Red Rock Pass parking permit.

  1. Courthouse Butte / Bell Rock: From the Village of Oak Creek on Highway 179, where you can pull into the Coconino National Forest parking lot for the Bell Rock Pathway to view Bell Rock and Cathedral Butte.  This turnoff on the east side of the road is about 1.1 miles north of the National Forest's South Gateway Visitors Center.
  2. Cathedral Rock: Return to Highway 179 and head north 2.8 miles to Back O' Beyond Road, turning west off the Highway and see spectacular Cathedral Rock.
  3. Chapel of the Holy Cross: Return to Highway 179 and continue north 0.5 miles to Chapel Road, then 0.8 miles east on Chapel Road up the hill to the famous Chapel of the Holy Cross.
  4. Airport Mesa: Continue on Highway 179 and go  to the "Y" at the junction of Highway 179 and Highway 89A.  Head west on Highway 89A (enter the traffic circle and go about 3/4 of the way around until you can exit onto 89A West.) Go 1.1 mile, turning south on Airport Road (keep your eyes out... there is no traffic light here.)  A short, steep climb up the hill to Airport Mesa, home of a vortex spot and perhaps the most popular scenic viewpoint at sunrise and sunset.
  5. Boynton Canyon: Return to Highway 89A and travel 2 miles west through West Sedona to Dry Creek Road at which you make a right and head north up Boynton Canyon.  Boynton Canyon is one of the most scenic of the box canyons that make Arizona Red Rock Country so famous. Boynton Canyon is also home to the renowned Enchantment Resort. 

Need more information or want a personal guide? Look for Sedona vortex guides here.

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