Private Sedona Red Rock Tours

Experience the extraordinary beauty and power of Sedona with a first-hand experience of a private Sedona tour, where you'll immerse yourself in this powerful gift of nature and learn how to harness the energy for real transformation in your life, you've come to the right place.

Our tours are private and tailored to your personal and spiritual needs by highly intuitive guides. Once they meet you, they'll tune into which vortex site to visit first and, from there, you'll follow Spirit and go where you are called. Every experience is unique and one of a kind-just as you are.

Choose from the Original Vortex Tour or any of our spiritual tours (medicine wheel tour, yoga tour, chakra tour, psychic tour and more). You'll visit the most powerful energy centers in Sedona and learn how to tune into and work with the energy right out on the red rocks and in Sedona's breathtaking countryside.

We also do photography tours for individuals who want to be taken out to the best locations for photo ops and hiking tours.

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