Private Sedona Vortex Retreats

When you're ready to transform your life with Sedona's vortex energy while experiencing the best vacation of your life, you're ready for a Sedona Vortex Retreat. Sedona's vortex energy has been used for centuries by experienced shamans and other intuitive people for personal and planetary healing, refreshment and rejuvenation, spiritual ceremony and life acceleration, inspiration, enlightenment and getting answers to life's most pressing questions. Whatever your reason for retreat, our highly experienced, heart-centered guides will lead you through the vortex mystery to experience for yourself the life-changing transformation this energy is designed to provide to all who truly seek it.

This was absolutely one of the best experiences of my Life. The knowledge, clarity and deeper understanding of myself were truly priceless. This is not entertainment, this is the REAL DEAL and in my opinion no one could have assisted me with my journey better than the Sedona Vortex Retreats Team.
--Sonya Friday

We customize our retreats just for you or your small group and orient your retreat to your specific interests (couples retreats, yoga, healing, girlfriend's getaway and more).

Visit our website through the links below and get a copy of our free 26-page special report on the secrets of using vortex energy for powerful spiritual transformation.

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