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Sedona - and surrounding areas Page Springs and Cornville - are the beating heart of Arizona's wine country. High altitude, rich volcanic soil and weather that swings from hot, dry summers to August monsoons to cool nights and mild winters make it ideal for growing big, jammy reds like Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet as well as Chardonnay that can compete with any Napa white.

Wine tasting in Sedona lets you experience Arizona wine country at some the finest Sedona, Arizona wine bars and wineries, even overnight hotel wine packages. As the epicenter of Arizona wine country, Sedona offers a tremendous opportunity for tourists and locals to taste some of the country's best wines right here in one place. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently acclaimed Sedona and the Verde Valley as an emerging hotspot vying for Napa-like statusĀ¹. Enjoy local Sedona wine tasting in the city's wine bars and on Sedona winery tours. You're sure to succumb to the romance of these Sedona, Arizona wine bars and wineries in Sedona for their great ambiance, romance, fun and of course, wine.

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