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Sometimes people are drawn to the stars because of what they feel inside, like a part of them belongs somewhere else. Sometimes it's the fascination, science, and want to explore and discover the unknown that makes space so exciting. Other times, people are forced into an experience that gains them the knowledge they can't unknow. Wherever your curiosity of UFOs, extraterrestrial life, or the cosmos comes from, there's a Sedona UFO tour guide and experience that might get you answers you seek.

The next time you're in Sedona, whether you're already a believer or don't quite know what to think yet, go on a UFO tour. It may just help you make up your mind; and if it doesn't, at least you'll have a night under our incredible night sky with some really fun military-grade night vision equipment that will help you see and explore the stars in a way you've never done that before. It's also a great night-time family activity for people of all ages. Going on a Sedona UFO tour is guaranteed to spark some very interesting conversations as well as provide guests with the opportunity to hear rare stories from those who have dedicated their lives to sharing their first-hand encounter with those not from our world.

This is a special guest article written by Michael from Arizona UFO Tours

In 1980, I was hired by a government electronics group to work on satellite and missile projects. I spent a decade in that industry working on, among other things I can't mention, about every missile that hangs under an F-14. Some of them are still in use today. Some of them are the first thing that our Navy uses when striking a target. Some of the other things I worked on, allowed me to carry a signed letter from then-President Ronald Reagan that ensured that I was never scanned or searched when boarding a commercial plane while on business. Not even metal detectors were allowed to be used on me. Additionally, raised in a family of airline workers, I got my pilot's license in 1983. I have a special love for physics. I'm an electrical and mechanical engineer. I'm what you'd call a true scientist.

f14 fighter jet

I retired in 1990 and became part of an investigative group that uncovered government secrets that were (we reasoned) unconstitutionally hidden. Even Kincaid's Cave at the Grand Canyon was investigated with a FOX TV cameraman accompanying us, and reported by our group. We revealed cloaking technology and other amazing coverups.

In July 2001, I was visited by three 8' extraterrestrials in our house in Phoenix. At 3am, in our bedroom, my wife was incapacitated (all voluntary muscles numbed), and I was lifted out of the bedroom and down the hall. With toes touching the floor as the hall ended, I turned toward the kitchen to find three, very white (slightly blue - like new headlights) non-human beings standing with their heads almost touching the ceiling. They communicated to me with a stereo visual stream that met at the center of my forehead. Their eyes were about 25% larger than ours, and nose and mouth about half the size in relation to ours. I was able to communicate back with visual images generated by thought.

Kincaid's Cave at the Grand Canyon

I'm now on the Disclosure Circuit speaking of this contact and more, but I'll just emphasize that this was a life-changing event, and everything after that, for me, was ET related. In 2003, I started the band "Element 115," named after Bob Lazar's experience at Area 51. It was the only band with a 3D animated alien drummer. I created a MIDI-to-animation converter so that my drumming at home could be duplicated exactly on our video wall by this character, named AL. We opened for Alan Parsons at the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival and headlined the 3-day event in 2008. The whole time, more information was "unfolding" that was stored in my head by the ET's that night.

On December 21, 2012 (yes, it IS a significant date) my wife and I moved to Sedona. I was working with the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine as an independent video producer, producing TV show pilots for the "Ultimate Cannabis Show" and the "Ultimate Motorcycle Show," writing code for exotic healing technologies, creating alternative energy devices, as well as writing music for my band Terranomaly. The songs were my method of communicating to the public the information given by ET, but I was getting messages from ET that this outlet was not enough. Even though the WAKE UP album is pretty straight-forward, and the upcoming DO SOMETHING album will be equally informational, ET wanted me to "talk more." The Sedona UFO Tour seemed like the best way for me to talk to people who are looking for the information on a nightly basis, while still allowing me to do these other works during the day.

Arizona UFO Tours

Arizona UFO Tours started in Sedona with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. I focus on showing people the results of spending 20 trillion dollars on anti-gravity research and time/space bending technology. We have hundreds of ships, several space stations, and bases on the Moon and Mars, among others stations, and bases on the Moon and Mars, among other places. We are currently doing commerce with over 100 non-terrestrial groups, including some on stars dozens of light-years away. Want to know about that? Our ships are entering and leaving Earth space every night. Want to see that? They often fly in 2s or 3s. Want to see that, too? My 3rd generation night vision equipment will allow you to see things in the space over Arizona that you never knew existed unless of course, you've researched what I have, and have 1st-hand info, not of this world. Other tours in town will point at campfires on a nearby cliff and say they are ships landing, or flat-sided weather satellites which reflect light in pulses and tell you it's UFOs signaling to you. I won't give you ANY untruths. An airplane is an airplane, and satellites are satellites, but I'll show you those AND actual spaceships (UFOs) every night or your money back. Read my REVIEWS page to see what others have experienced on my tours.



Sedona UFO Tour Guided By Contacted Scientist

At sundown, all participants caravan 3 miles to a parking area with a dark sky. 3rd gen night vision goggles are distributed to see what can't be seen with the naked eye. Satellites, airplanes and UFOs are seen every night.

Personal UFO Tour: With 3 or more in a

At sundown, all participants caravan 3 miles to a parking area with a dark sky. 3rd gen night vision goggles are distributed to see what can't be seen with the naked eye. Satellites, airplanes and UFOs are seen every night.

Personal UFO Tour: With 3 or more in a party, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide comes to you with the gear and the information that has made Michael THE guide to hire for a UFO Tour.

Conversations with a Contactee: Michael will buy lunch and spend an hour sharing his ET contact story, and answering the attendees' questions.

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