Sedona Photo Challenge

Here's the Deal

We've all seen beautiful photos of Sedona, and they are, beautiful. On, we're hoping to share not only beautiful pictures, but your unique, authentic perspective of Sedona. Many of you who will participate in this photo challenge live, experience, play and adventure in Sedona on a pretty regular basis. We want to see what you see (even people if it's okay with them)! Some of you already have some fantastic photos just sitting on your computer. We'd love it if you would share them with us! is the single most used website when it comes to information regarding visiting Sedona. We're about to release a brand new website design and we'd like you to be a part of it!

Grand Prize

1 Night Stay at Sedona Real Inn & Suites and a $100 gift card to a Sedona restaurant of your choice.

More Prizes

  • Each submitted photo of one of the subjects below is an entry to win the Grand Prize. The more photos you submit, the more chances you have to win!
  • Do you sell your photographs? Super! We're offering a free Featured Advertising Partner Listing to those of you who want us to send our online visitors to your photography website.
  • Each subject below will have a winning photograph. If yours is selected, we'll send you a $25 Visa Gift Card per photo we select that is taken by you.

Tip: Be creative and original, we want your unique perspective! Also, horizontal oriented images will have a higher likelihood of being chosen for the cash prizes.

Terms of Use: By submitting photos, you are agreeing to give Southwest Media Communications, DBA the use of your photo on all Southwest Media Communication's Arizona travel websites and our related social media networks. Photo credit will given. You must own full rights of any image submitted. Non-permitted submissions may result in legal fines and consequences.

Contest ends January 31, 2019

Photo Hunt

  • Sedona Airport
  • Sedona Art Galleries
  • Sedona Breweries/Craft Beer
  • Camping in Sedona
  • Hiking in Sedona
  • Jerome
  • Sedona Vortex
  • Shopping in Sedona
  • Multiple State Parks near Sedona (any)
  • Something that shows Sedona weather
  • Sedona Wineries / Wine Tours
  • Dog & Christmas/Holidays in Sedona
  • Yoga on Red Rocks
  • Hot air balloons or helicopter in Sedona
  • Sedona Mountain Biking action shot
  • Something Sedona activities oriented
  • Food and wine / Sedona Dining
  • Native American culture
  • Montezuma’s Castle
  • Anything Oak Creek Canyon
  • Oak Creek Cabins
  • Sedona Golf Course
  • Verde Valley
  • Slide rock trash and pollution
  • Slide Rock fun
  • Seniors playing golf, hiking, yoga, or something active
  • West Fork hike
  • Fall foliage
  • Swimming holes, cliff jumping
  • Fossil Creek
  • Uptown Sedona
  • Romantic Sedona
  • Kids in Sedona
  • Anything scenic and worth sharing

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