6 Sedona Tours that will Change Your Perspective

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

  2. This smooth soaring “aerial nature walk” is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Gentle, exciting, yet peaceful, a hot air balloon ride over Sedona offers you a birds-eye view of the gorgeous red rocks, while being guided by an experienced pilot who can show you things you may have never noticed otherwise. Rides begin at sunrise, allowing you to breathe in the invigorating, fresh morning air. You’ll lift off and flow with the wind over wildlife, Native American ruins and other spectacular things. Enjoy this rare 360 degree view of one the most beautiful places in North America. After the hot air balloon lands, there is typically a commemorative picnic or champagne toast to celebrate all that was just experienced.

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  3. Water into Wine

  4. This isn’t the Bible story of Jesus’ first miracle. Sedona Adventure Tours takes its guests on a kayaking adventure down the Verde River though scenic landscapes to a place where the wine flows like the water that got them there. This one hour water trip in a Ducky Kayak is said to have “just enough chutes and riffles to add a bit of excitement without ruffling ay feathers.” The adventure continues at the beautiful Alcantera Vineyards for some wine-tasting in a Tuscan styled farmhouse that overlooks the vineyards and rolling hills.

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  5. Shamanic Journey

  6. Sedona is known for it’s vortexes, which entice people from all over the world to come experience transformational energetic healing and balancing. There are different paths of spiritual guidance to choose from; whether this will be your first time taking this type of journey or you’re already experienced and are looking for more guidance and further growth, Sedona is full of people who dedicate their lives to helping others find balance and spiritual direction. If this isn’t your kind of thing, than you should definitely do it - then you’re certain to experience a new perspective!

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  7. Helicopter Rides

  8. If a hot air balloon ride is a little too open, exposed or free-flying for your comfort zone, consider going on a helicopter ride over the red rock canyon. Get the same bird’s eye view, but be enclosed and protected from the elements. Some of the advantages a helicopter has over a hot air balloon are that helicopters go where you want them to go, they land quickly, and can hover over areas that you’d like to spend more time looking at. But that’s a trade off when it comes to the quiet, peaceful flight of a hot air ballon versus the loud sound of a helicopter’s motor and spinning blades. Either way, both are well-worth the time, money and the rare view of gorgeous Sedona.

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  9. Rock Climbing

  10. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a professional rock climber to experience rock climbing up one of those beautiful sand stone towers or walls in Sedona. Seriously. But that’s because there are professionals you can hire to help you do it safely and enjoyably. The red rocks of Sedona will never look the same to you once you’ve begun interacting with it in this very detailed way. Each flake you hold onto as you climb up a spire is a detail that would have gone unnoticed when just viewing Sedona’s red rocks as a beautiful backdrop or landscape. There’s beauty in every inch of these red rocks and this is one hell of a way to experience it. Though you do not have to be an experienced rock climber to hire a guide, it is recommended and helpful to be on the fitter side, not terribly afraid of heights, and to keep your sense of adventure with you the whole time.

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  11. Sedona Photography Workshops

  12. The world through a lens - it can be amplified, reduced, captured and even assigned emotion. Sedona is one of those places where photographs rarely seem to do it justice, unless you’re a professional photographer. Sedona Photography Workshops are an amazing opportunity to go take pictures in locations with breathtaking views off the beaten path under the instruction and guidance of a fantastic photographer. Each workshop is catered to the client’s anticipated photographic experience so that it is unique, authentic, and organic in nature. From composition and field technique to digital darkroom tips and printing this is an experience like no other.

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1. Maverick Airlines Fly To The Grand Canyon

Fly to the Grand Canyon and enjoy our air or land tours through one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Maverick Airlines offers you an exclu...  More
  • (800) 962-3869
  • 1620 Jet Stream Drive
  • Henderson, NV
  • 89052

2. Arizona Outdoor Adventures

Drive our ATVs on a guided 40 mile off-road adventure through the West Sedona Valley. Bring your camera - you'll be awestruck by the 800...  More
  • (928) 282-8540
  • 1185 West Highway 89A
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86336
  • $130.00 - $142.00

3. Sedona Red Rock Tours

Experience the extraordinary beauty and power of Sedona with a first-hand experience of a private Sedona tour, where you'll immerse yours...  More

  • Sedona
  • AZ, US

4. Red Rock Balloons

Come fly the Red Rocks! Take an "Aerial Nature Walk" which is a truly magical feeling of soaring gently with the wind. Sedona's natural wond...  More
  • (928) 284-0040
  • 105 Canyon Diablo Road
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86351
  • $200.00 - $200.00

5. Self Propelled Tours Road Bike Tours

Self Propelled Tours is the only guided road bike tour company in the Verde Valley. We encourage people of any age to tour Sedona with us. ...  More
  • 6101 AZ-179
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86351

6. Sedona Day Hikes & Sunset Hikes

Take a fall hike with us! A few things about how we operate: 1) first all of our day hikes are private; we do not combine groups. That allow...  More
  • 431 AZ-179
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86336

7. Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

World's Largest and Most Experienced Helicopter Sightseeing Company! Daily multilingual tours of Grand Canyon departing from Sedona, Scottsd...  More
  • (702) 736-7243
  • Sedona Airport
  • Sedona, AZ
  • $169.00 - $344.00

8. Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Adventure Southwest offers private group hiking and sightseeing trips to amazing Southwest destinations including Grand Canyon, Horseshoe...  More

  • (800) 514-0884
  • 1515 North Main Street
  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • 86004
  • $119.00 - $139.00

9. Sedona Jeep & Wine Tasting Combo Tour

If you have a flair for great wine and fun, then this is the tour for you. Start off by tasting 5 exquisite samplings of wines at one of Ari...  More
  • Sedona
  • AZ 86336, US
  • $119.79 - $0.00

10. Pink Jeep Tours

Since 1958, Pink Jeep Tours has been providing the most talked about off-road adventures in the Southwest. Our award-winning excursions are ...  More
  • (928) 282-5000
  • 204 West Highway 89A
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86336
  • $45.00 - $125.00

11. A Day In The West

Sedona's oldest continually owned family tour business (since 1949) offers a wide variety of tours, including: Jeep tours, horseback rides w...  More
  • (928) 282-4320
  • 252 West Highway 89A
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86336
  • $49.00 - $190.00

12. Broken Arrow Jeep Tour From Viator

Book this tour with Viator. Hang on tight for a fun-filled four-wheeling jeep adventure over the red rocks of Broken Arrow. Bump and bounce ...  More
  • (888) 651-9785
  • Sedona
  • AZ, US
  • $98.00 - $98.00

13. Red Rock Treks Sedona Hiking & Tours

Journey with us to the most unforgettably beautiful landscapes in all of Arizona. Red Rock Treks offers private hiking, scenic, and vorte...  More

  • (928) 707-9477
  • Sedona
  • AZ 86336, US

14. Grand Canyon Day Tour

Voted on Trip Advisor as the most popular Grand Canyon day tour. This is the best way to enjoy the Grand Canyon without doing any strenuous ...  More
  • (800) 514-0884
  • 1515 North Main Street
  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • 86004
  • $119.00 - $139.00

15. Private Grand Canyon Tour, Ancient Ruins & Lava Field

Our most diverse Grand Canyon tour, the "Complete". This tour combines a remarkable 1500 year old Sinagua Pueblo ruin, dramatic lava fields,...  More
  • Grand Canyon Village
  • AZ 86023, US
  • $720.00 - $741.39

16. Sedona Vortex Tour

Explore the magic and mysticism of natural vortexes on this 2.5-hour small-group tour departing from Sedona. Traveling the region by Jeep, y...  More
  • Sedona
  • AZ 86336, US
  • $70.00 - $80.00

17. Hermosa Tours Guided Bike Tours

We provide Sedona mountain bike tours throughout the entire year for every skill level: from the first time beginner to even the most advanc...  More
  • 1695 W State Rte 89A
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86336

18. Sedona Vortex Retreats

When you're ready to transform your life with Sedona's vortex energy while experiencing the best vacation of your life, you're ready for ...  More

  • (928) 282-0993
  • 267 Coffee Pot Dr
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 86336


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