Sedona "Little Hollywood" Drive Tour

Sedona Little Hollywood tour….Sedona starting in 1923 truly became the Hollywood magic with our majestic red rocks as a backdrop only Sedona could provide for movie magic bringing to life the great wild wild west with over 100 films here in just a few decades … All the major stars in Hollywood’s Hey Days came to Sedona for major films John Wayne started here with Tall in the saddle then is first movie he produced and starred in with Angel and the Badman ….Joan Crawford and Jimmy Stewart along with Henry Fonda and Glen Ford would make films and loads of Tv shows…Relax as we travel back in time with movie clips photos of days past stars on this private 2 hour tour we will make a few stops where the sets were set up for the backdrops of the famous Breaking of the arrow by Cochise and Geronimo were made …Hollywood is gone now but the memories will all come to life and you will experience what the stars felt when they arrived here in our spectacular landscape we will show you movie clips and trailers as well as plenty of photos of stars during the filming of the movies on our 9th generation iPads bringing to life Hollywood in Sedona

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