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333 N State Rte 89A #17
Sedona, AZ 86336

Tel: (480) 748-1671

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Clairvoyant Psychic | Soul Coach | Master Tarot Reader | Spiritual Guide/Teacher | Shamanic Therapist | Integrative Healing Practitioner | Meditation Instructor | Intuitive/Psychic Development Mentor

Im a natural born psychic who has had the ability to psychically see, hear and sense for as far back as I can remember. Being born gifted with the ability to naturally sense & experience the world of energy & spirit, my dedication to my path of awakening began as a young child. I have studied with many master spiritual teachers throughout my life, spanning many spiritual philosophies and traditions including the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, Paramahansa Yogananda, Greg Braden, Ted Andrews, Hamza Yusuf, Ihsan Torabi and many others.

Ive been living and working in Sedona, AZ for the past 15 years of my 32 year career as a professional psychic and have an excellent reputation for accuracy, insightfulness and Integrity. I can look into all matters and love offering spiritual insight and soul coaching based on what I see psychically for you. If you feel a connection with me, then i invite you to reach out.

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