Getting Here

Where is Sedona located?
What are the driving distances to Sedona from Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and other areas?
How do I get to Sedona from Phoenix?
How do I get to Sedona from surrounding areas?
Which airport is closest to Sedona?
Is there shuttle service / public transportation available to Sedona?


Can I order a printed Sedona tourism guide, brochures and Sedona maps by mail?

Things to Do

What are the most popular activities, hikes, tours, and attractions?
Can I do a day-trip from Sedona to the Grand Canyon?
What is a vortex?
Where are the vortexes?
Where are the golf courses in Sedona?


What can I expect in terms of Sedona Arizona's weather?
What is the best time of year to visit Sedona?
What should I pack based on Sedona's weather at different times of year?

Around Sedona

What are the best scenic viewpoints in Sedona?
What is the traffic and parking like in Sedona?
What is the Red Rock Pass?
How do I drive in Sedona's roundabouts or traffic circles?


Are there any pet-friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts, and other lodging available in Sedona?